Black Ops Cold War Hacks

Get the new Black Ops Cold War Hacks for free! In the constant fight against cheaters and hackers, Activision has now cracked down and locked up more than 60,000 accounts in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

The announcement came in a tweet with the message: “We have zero tolerance for cheaters in Call of Duty and Warzone.” The tweet also includes a link to a blog post. This describes in detail how the company has so far proceeded in the fight against hackers and which areas it wants to improve. Work is being done in particular on the following areas:

  • Zero tolerance towards cheat providers
  • Improving anti-cheat software
  • Introduction of additional detection technologies
  • Activision wants to monitor cheaters even more closely and crack down harder in the form of consistent and timely bans. For more info on the anti-cheater guidelines, check out the Activision website!

Black Ops Cold War Aimbot

Cheaters in Call Of Duty titles are not a novelty the Black Ops Cold War Aimbot has been around since the release of the game. Especially in the new Black Ops Cold War, these have been a problem since the beta from 2020. Now, however, the cheaters have managed to destroy the foundations of the game.

Usually players start a match in Cold War with two weapons. A primary weapon – often an assault rifle or a sniper rifle – and a secondary weapon, such as shotguns or pistols. This prevents individual players from becoming a true army, as they cannot carry an arsenal of different weapons with them.

Black Ops Cold War Wallhack

There is also a new Black Ops Cold War Wallhack available for download. The normal restrictions did not seem to apply to this player, as he is probably also loaded into the game with full armor. Some players currently speculate that it’s due to a perk glitch, which allows weapons to occupy both the tactical and lethal slot. So far, however, there is no confirmation of how the exploit can be applied exactly.

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