CSGO Hacks

For legal reasons, we point out as a precaution, even if cheating on official servers is unrestricted, that the use of cheats on anti-cheat secured servers is prohibited according to most developers and can be punished. With our offer, we do not want to encourage or entice anyone to violate the guidelines. The Cs Go Hacks are very powerful and should be used with caution.

These functions are simply switched on or off by the corresponding F-keys. By holding down the space bar, the bunnyhopping is triggered.

With F6, the Aimbot is turned on and automatically targets according to the SmoothAim and AimView settings as soon as a shot is released.

If SmoothAim is activated, the Aimbot aims with each shot a bit further to the opponent’s head. By pressing the F7 key, this value can be changed. On the setting “Off” the head of the opponent is immediately targeted without performing intermediate stops.

CSGO Aimbot

With the F9 key, WallAim is switched on & off. If the WallAim is active, the Aimbot also targets enemies behind walls and objects. When the WallAim is switched off, only opponents who have been sighted before and to whom there is a free field of fire are targeted.

The trigger bot is switched by pressing F11 to ALT/Auto. On “ALT” the trigger bot is only active with simultaneous pressing of the ALT key. When setting “Auto”, the trigger bot is permanently active and shoots as soon as an opponent is in the crosshairs.

MS stands for the delay in milliseconds until the trigger bot triggers the shot. The delay can be changed by pressing the F12 key several times to the following values: 1MS, 10MS, 40MS, 80MS, 120MS

Especially at LAN parties, this function is extremely useful. By pressing the DELETE button, the hack is immediately closed and not executed further.

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