Mystic Messenger Hack Cheats and Glitches 2021

Mystic Messenger Cheats – Hourglasses Hack For iOS as well as Android

Are you also keen on playing the Korean games? Have you tried the impressive game by Cheritz- Mystic Messenger? If you haven’t, after that you to need to attempt this at the same time certainly. It is due to the fact that Mystic Messenger is among one of those South Korean games that are based upon a story.


It is having a female-oriented unique story having a romantic genre. It has actually already enticed several fans in the direction of its gameplay. The game was launched know July 8, for the android individuals and on July 18for the iOS users. The gameplay here can be referred to as a storytelling messenger one, where you can talk with others too. If you utilized to the Korean, Spanish, or English language, after that you are fortunate enough to try the game.

In addition to the story, the game makes up of some critical credit histories that are needed to be kept to make suitable progress in the video game. If in instance you stop working in collecting these after that do not stress as you can constantly utilize the Mystic Messenger cheats at any minute in the video game to return to the track.

Since we are familiarized with the summary of the game let’s get on to a few of the essential attributes of the unique game.


Three settings exist in the video game that stands for three alterations of the tale. These are:

  • Casual
  • Deep story
  • Another Story

The casual tale is the one that the gamers can bet cost-free. All its phases are complimentary to play, whereas if we speak about the Deep Story mode then below you get 707 courses together with Jumin personality. However, if you desire to open it, then you need 80 HG in overall. In the last setting, you only obtain access to V as well as Ray paths for free, rest you require to pay for.


There are two major credit reports in the video game which require appropriate upkeep in the video game. These are the hearts and also shapelies. Both of the credit scores play a considerable role in the gameplay; for that reason, attempt not to obtain brief of them. Nonetheless, if you obtain on to such a scenario, after that the option is the MysticCarrierhack.

Let’s review these currencies one by one listed below:

  1. Hourglasses

These are the key in-game currency of the video game which can be acquired for totally free or by making purchases. But these are not very vital for the progress in the game. Yet what makes it crucial is that these hourglasses often described as HG’s are required to open the chapters in the deep tale and an additional tale as well. Consequently, if you wish to appreciate the secured modes in the game, likewise you require a great flow of HG’s.

You can get HG’s via multiple means such as:

  • By investing 100 hearts for one hourglass
  • By trading genuine money for them
  • In the chat rooms
  • By buying the VIP plan that gives you 1000 HG’s

IF you don’t want to have your hands in your pocket, after that the only choice is the one I discussed above that is the Mystic Messenger hack.

  1. Hearts

Hearts are the additional credit reports in the video game that the gamers collect throughout the video game with taking part in the chat rooms, novels, and the messages. Getting involved in the 707’s spacecraf likewise give you a good amount of hearts. The hearts below are having different shades where each shade represents a different personality in the video game.

  • The green one stands for Yoosung
  • Zen is stood for by greyish white shade
  • The yellow one is for Jaehee
  • Last, that is the Purple Heart stands for the personality called jumin

Therefore that were a few of the crucial factors that we can sum-up here for you people. Currently, you have adequate knowledge regarding the fundamental points of the video game that you can explore the game a lot more extensively.

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