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Mystic Messenger Cheats – Hourglasses Hack For iOS and Android

Are you currently fond of playing the games that are Korean? Perhaps you have really tried the game that was awesome by Cheritz- Mystic Messenger? Then one definitely to should take to this at definitely, For those who have not. It’s really because Mystic Messenger is among one of the south-korean games which can be located on a book.


It is having a book story having an enchanting genre. Several buffs have already enticed . The match was released in 20-16 on July 8th, to get the android users and about July 18th for its iOS users. The gameplay can be referred to as a storytelling messenger you, where you could chat with the others too. In the event that you used to the Korean, Spanish, Spanish or English language, then you are fortunate enough to try the game.

Apart from the narrative, the video game includes several important credits which are required to be kept to create adequate progress. If in case you fail in collecting these then don’t fret as you can always make use of the Mystic Messenger cheats at any moment from the match to contact this track.

Now that we are acquainted with the game’s summary let us return to some of the exceptional game’s features.


Three modes is there within the game which reflects three alterations of the story. These are:

  • Casual
  • Deep narrative
  • The following Story

The narrative that is casual is the one that the players can play with at no cost. Its characters are free to playwith, where as should we talk about the Deep Story mode then here you receive 707 routes along with Jumin character. If you want to unlock it, then you definitely need 80 HG in total. In the mode, you simply obtain usage of Ray and V routes for free for.


You will find two chief credits from the game that require proper care in this match. These would be the hearts and hourglasses. The credits Both play a part in the play do your best not to get tons of them. However, if you access it to such a circumstance, then the option may be that the Mystic Messenger hack.

Let’s discuss these currencies One at a Time below:

  1. Hourglasses

These are the major money of this game that can be obtained for free or simply by making purchases. However, these are not too important for the progress in the match. But what makes it important is why these hourglasses often called HG’s are all required to unlock the chapters at the deep story and another story . If you want to relish the locked modes in the game you will need a great stream of HG’s.

You Can Buy HG’s through multiple manners such as:

  • By spending 100 hearts for one hourglass
  • By exchanging real money for them
  • In the Boards
  • By purchasing the VIP package that lets you 1000 HG’s

In the event you don’t desire to have your hands in your pocketthen the choice is that the one that I explained above that is the Mystic Messenger hack.

  1. Hearts

Hearts will be the credits through engaging in the chat rooms, novels, and also the messages, from the game which the players collect throughout the game. Participating from the 707’s space ship give you a great number of hearts. The hearts are using different colors where each color represents a different character in the game.

  • The green represents Yoosung
  • Zen is symbolized with greyish white color
  • The yellow one is for Jaehee
  • Last, That’s the Purple Heart symbolizes the character named jumin

That have been a number of these crucial things which we are able to sum-up here for you guys. Now, you have enough knowledge about the things of this overall game that you may learn more about the game more thoroughly.

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