Pubg Hacks

Now you can download the powerful PUBG Hacks for free. Before each game you are in a lobby with the other 99 players. They often make fun of it, to chatter in their microphone. If this annoys you, change the voice channel to “Friends only” in the settings under Sound. So you only hear the voices of your teammates.

You should try the first-person mode in any case. Before you start, you should set the field of view to maximum (setting: FPS camera field of view). This is how you maximize the field of view in the ego perspective. The setting can be found under the graphics settings.

Pubg Aimbot

The PUBG Aimbot is a very good tool that will drastically improve your aim. After the banter on the island, the approach to the play area begins. There are some landing points on each map that promise a lot of loot and are therefore well attended. On the Map Erangel at the following selected landing zones, you often expect other comrades-in-arms.

Pubg Wallhack

On tight places and urban areas the PUBG Wallhack can give you a big advantage over other players. You can also get around the fray and look for a smaller settlement. In this case, you will most likely have to scour several small places until you have good equipment together. When gliding with the glider, keep an eye out for a vehicle. This makes it much easier for you to search for prey.

You should first take a look in the belly of the plane. To do this, switch to the first-person perspective. So you can see how many comrades-in-arms could still cavort in your landing zone. However, the number of players is not completely meaningful – but for a rough overview it is enough.

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